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Vichy Catalan is a leading brand in the European mineral water market. Since Dr. Modest Furest i Roca discovered healthy properties in 1881 of the waters flowing from the spring of Vichy Catalan, in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) at 60ºC and with its own gas,- Vichy Catalan has been positioned year after year as one of the best mineral waters in the world.

Genuine Vichy Catalan is unique for its organoleptic qualities, taste and health benefits. A water rooted in the gastronomic culture, that brings flavor and personality in innumerable culinary recipes, and that has become essential at the tables of the best restaurants. But also water that is synonymous of health. At Vichy Catalan we are committed to research in order to continue discovering how to improve people’s quality of life. In this sense,  Vichy Cataln bet on three lines of study, digestion, cholesterol metabolism and the nervous system. 

SEE Products
Vichy Catalán Plus Lima-Limón 250ml
Vichy Catalán Premium Tónica 250ml
Vichy Catalán Menta 250ml
Vichy Catalán 1L
Vichy Catalán 500ml
Vichy Catalán 250ml
Font d'Or 1L
Vichy Catalán Lemon 250ml
Genuine Vichy Catalán Tin
Lemon Vichy Catalán Tin
Lima-Limón Vichy Catalán Tin
Mint Vichy Catalán Tin
Premium Tonic Vichy Catalán Tin
Other Brands

Valle, Ballina y Fernández, S.A., since its foundation in 1890, has travelled around the world with its ciders.


Espuña was born in 1947 in Olot (Girona) as a manufacturer of cold meats. Since then, it has managed to widen its range of products and forge a presence on the national and international markets. Exports represent 51% of the company's total billing and although it is present in more than 45 countries around the world, its main markets are France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal.