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Turia is a toasted beer of Valencian origin, of intense amber color and reddish reflections.

However, the fact of being a toasted beer does not mean it is a strong beer. As in toast a slice of bread, this happens to have a different flavor but not for them stronger, with beer the same thing happens. Turia is fresh, with a bitter and citrus touch. The nose hightlights are cereals, hops and citrus, breadcrumbs and hebaceous. The mouth highlights for those toasted cereals, citrus, and breadcrumbs, wich come together and leave a creamy but fresh feeling.

Other Brands

Juanola is a brand with a family tradition and part of the Angelini multinational pharmaceutical group.

With over 100 years of history behind it, Juanola is a flagship brand that has always been known for its use of natural ingredients and their effectiveness at taking care of the throat.


Según certifica la piedra dintel de la entrada de la bodega más antigua dela casa OLIVEDA, ya desde 1764 se producían vinos en la propiedad, aunque tan sólo para consumo familiar. A partir de 1948, Josep Oliveda Casanovas y su esposa Joana Rigau Ros fundan una empresa dedicada a la elaboración y comercialización de Vinos y Cavas.