Our brands

Marqués de Vargas in the wine’s world is to name the saga of four generations consecrated to the elaboration and commercialization of excellent Rioja wines since the Marquesado de Vargas holds a family closely related to this important wine-growing region of Spain.

It was in 1840 when Felipe dela Mata, the eighth Marqués de Vargas, made the first vineyard plantations near Logroño.

Especially memorable was the figure of Hilario dela Mata, the father of the current Marquis de Vargas, who for years held the presidency of one of the most emblematic wineries in La Rioja.

In 1989, the current Marqués de Vargas, Pelayo de la Mata, fulfilled the dream of his father, building a winery at the Hacienda Pradolagar property in Logroño. The Bodega, nestled in the center of its own vineyard forming the concept "château", is located in the heart of the Ebro Valley, in an area known as the "Los Tres Marqueses".

Other Brands

The beginnings of Grupo Cacaolat go back to 1925 when a group of milk producers founded "Letona", in order to bottle their own product. The iconic Cacaolat brand was created in 1933 and was later to give name to the whole company.


Turia is a toasted beer of Valencian origin, of intense amber color and reddish reflections.