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Juanola is a brand with a family tradition and part of the Angelini multinational pharmaceutical group. 

With over 100 years of history behind it, Juanola is a flagship brand that has always been known for its use of natural ingredients and their effectiveness at taking care of the throat. The original Juanola pastilles are still the same today, but Juanola has expanded its product range to add other high quality products. 

A product that was born in a pharmacy and is now a project in constant evolution that has just commenced its international journey.

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Juanola clásica
Juanola clásica
Juanola, hierba buena
Juanola, años 60
Juanola, intensa
Melisa en perlas efecto RELAX
Equinácea en perlas efecto DEFENSE
Vitamina C en perlas efecto ANTI-OX
Perlas balsámicas limón verde
Perlas balsámicas sabor regaliz
Perlas balsámicas fresa mentolada
Perlas balsámicas menta fresca
Perlas balsámicas mentol eucalipto
Caramelo balsámico eucaliptus
Caramelo balsámico fresa
Caramelo balsámico limón
Caramelo balsámico menta
Caramelo balsámico regaliz
Display caramelos Juanola
Chicles de menta
Chicles de regaliz
Jalea real
Display jalea real Juanola
Other Brands

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Pepus preserves, are intended for large consumption and designed for international export. Its packaging and distribution is aimed at gourmet fish and seafood.