Our brands

Sidra el Gaitero, has launched a new range of sparkling juices of different flavors: Strawberry, apple, peach and grape.

This drink is obtained from concentrated juice of carbonated apple, aromas and natural coloring (E-163). The filtration process results in a fine must on the palate, without roughness or lumps. The pasteurization of the juice guarantees that the bottle does not produce alterations, maintaining the characteristics of the freshly squeezed must.

Other Brands

Protocol is a company specializing in "impossibles". Leading tin toys, pedal cars, music movements and wind-up plastic toys, of various origins, mostly from Asia. Distributed basically gift shops on the France, Italy and Spain.


Pepus preserves, are intended for large consumption and designed for international export. Its packaging and distribution is aimed at gourmet fish and seafood.